I highly recommend Dr Rhonda Waters hypnosis session. Dr Waters personalized my session according to my goals. Her skill and voice facilitated my focus. I experienced a deep level of relaxation. I was left with fresh mental clarity and a sense of new potential for days following. Dr Waters gave me tools to use on my own. I look forward to another session. —EA, Brewster, MA

Public speaking has always frightened me. It made me very nervous and sometimes I refused to speak when asked. After two sessions I was asked at the last minute to speak at an event and I did it! I wasn’t nervous at all. In fact I calmed another speaker at the same event. I am glad to be free of this fear. –RB, Boston, MA

The hypnosis sessions with Dr. Rhonda Waters have been amazing in building confidence in memory retention, relaxation, focus and synergistic processes, and an overall sense of direction and purpose….This was done more substantively than expected.  -LW , Phoenix, AZ