What is your learning style?

The VARK Questionnaire

Most people learn or experience new things predominantly through an identifiable learning channel.  The VARK questionnaire identifies the dominant channel, or mode, or a combination, called “multimodal.”

For instance, a person may be primarily visual (V) — most people are– with a secondary mode of auditory, or aural (A).  So the recipients of hypnotic suggestions will do better if his/her suggestions are received as visual, using lots of adjectives to paint the picture desired. On a secondary basis, the aural aspect can reinforce the visual by providing just the right words, intonation, and even music to accompany the suggestion. All of these subtleties added to a hypnotic script can create very powerful and long-lasting changes in the mind to affect the desired outcome.

The letters V-A-R-K represent the different modes: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic (related to movement).  This particular website offers a free questionnaire suitable for the adult learner. Other products are also available in the event you are a professional business person or athlete.

Knowing your scores can help you understand how to retain ideas and new experiences more effectively, not just in hypnosis but also in other areas of your life.

Test your learning style