Stress Management


Stress has many faces. It may appear on our skin as hives, as a feeling of nausea, maybe pain in the gut, hair falling out, grumpiness. In its more sinister guises it may cause high blood pressure, fat gain, or a dampened immune system leading to chronic illnesses, heart attack or stroke. It might be disguised as a boss, heavy traffic, or physical exertion to which we are unaccustomed. Yet, stress is a necessary part of life. Without it we would not get out of bed in the morning, climb mountains, or put ourselves in harm’s way to save a life.  These sessions will give you a better handle on how to cope with your unnecessary stressors, and minimize them if not totally eliminate them.  We suggest you buy your own blood pressure cuff, if blood pressure is usually a problem for you.

The first session generally lasts slightly longer than one hour. Following sessions are 40-55 minutes approximately one week apart. You will be asked to complete some tasks, and answer some questions, which will be used in the second session. You will learn and practice how to re-frame irritating situations, and take control of your anger and frustrations.

You will learn instant relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. You may even become more adorable to your friends and family!


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