Self-Hypnosis for your own mind control

Self-Hypnosis is an invaluable technique for everyone.  Its potential and uses are limitless. It is routinely used for performance, such as test taking, sports, job decisions, creative arts and theater.  Individuals may apply it to behavioral problems including smoking, overeating, adherence to exercise and medical regimes, anger, fears, and self-esteem.  Other people find it useful in opening up their “sixth sense,” or practicing a more spiritual life.

Similar to meditation, self-hypnosis may not necessarily seek a quiet mind, but more of a focused and directed mind. The program consists of two 3-hour sessions. You will experience the hypnotic state, learn the proper wording, and how to construct strong affirmations and suggestions.  You will be given powerful audio and visual subliminals to reinforce your quest.  You will have an opportunity to explore related techniques such as dreamwork and EFT.


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