“Honesty is the best policy.”
– Anonymous

When you book an appointment with Mutare Hypnosis, LLC, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Different deposit and payment schedules apply to group sessions as well as Thinner Band ® and Executive Coaching.


A deposit of $150 is required to secure your initial appointment; this deposit then becomes a credit toward your session(s).


Discounted 3-session packages are paid in advance of the first session and are exempt from the deposit.  We rarely recommend a single session except for “refreshers.”  In our experience fewer than 3-sessions are generally not as long lasting for some issues.


All sessions are paid in advance.

Client Cancellation/ No Shows

Out of respect for our work and your own progress and investment, as well as the times scheduled by our other clients, we request greater than a 2 business day CANCELLATION MESSAGE, PHONE ONLY (617-266-3057).; OR appointment change if making change longer than 2 business days if using the online scheduler. 

The following fees are payable at the next appointment or online:

  • Cancellation less than 48-hours before appointment: $50
  • No-Show: $100
  • Individual Session $150
  • Packages Vary

Rescheduling by Client

This may be done by phone or by the online scheduler.


Refunds are not available after service has been rendered.  Unused portions of packages may be refunded at a our regular session rate. You have one (1) year to use any remaining sessions to tweak your progress or revisit techniques/ If 2 or more sessions remain, you may transfer them to a family member or friend.  Reselling is not allowed; “gifting” is fine.

Obligation of the Client:

-The client is responsible for executing the instructions given by the hypnotist/ coach, including administrative forms and home practice.

-The client will seek advance medical clearance for medically related symptoms.

-The client agrees not to attempt to use hypnosis on a third-party without additional certification.

-The client is at least 18 years of age, otherwise guardian’s release must be provided.

-The client understands that the staff of Mutare Hypnosis acts as educators and coaches, and that the sessions are not intended to take the place of medical or mental health interventions.

– Mutare Hypnosis LLC reserves the right to deny any service to a client, who by demonstration or history, is better served by another practitioners.

– The client agrees that no recording, either audio or visual, shall be made by without the express approval of Mutare Hypnosis.

– The client understands that any audio or video recordings made available to him/her must be used responsibly, as instructed by the hypnotist. Written and audio instructions provided by Mutare Hypnosis are intellectual property and shall not be shared or used other than by participant for their use in the program.

– Mutare Hypnosis LLC shall CANCEL any scheduled sessions when inclement weather or other civil conditions are hazardous or travel is prohibited.  Mutare Hypnosis shall contact the client as soon as possible using the contact information given.

– The client agrees to keep valid contact information on file with Mutare Hypnosis LLC for notifications and emergencies.


Mutare Hypnosis LLC respects the privacy of its clients. Your name and other information will never be sold or given to a third-party. Information of a private nature collected prior to the start of the program is used for statistical and demographic use and to provide individualized program content only.


Skype sessions are as effective as face-to-face meetings and often more convenient for the client.  However, you must be certain of good connectivity and surroundings were you won’t be disturbed by phone calls, other people, or outside noise.  We prefer that the first session be in-person if possible.

Download our Client Bill of Rights