“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
– William Butler Yeats

Group programs are our specialty. We proudly offer the basic core topics as Mutare Hypnosis Star mutare-star-16 Groups.

The three core topics – tobacco cessation, weight control, and stress management are the most important programs offered by hypnotism. They are truly life-changing.

This program format encourages interaction with the participants as appropriate. It may consist of lecture, videos, discussion, and Q&A. There is a short talk about hypnosis as well as multiple hypnosis inductions and suggestions within each session. These are in-depth, immersion programs, suitable for beginners as well as veterans of hypnosis. The timid person may find themselves more comfortable in a group setting.

Our Star Groups are as follows:

  • Smoking & Nicotine Cessation for Good
  • Weight Control for a Confident and Healthier You
  • Secrets of Stress Management in a Fast-Paced World
  • Self-Hypnosis for Just About Everything

Group sessions are generally two days, a week apart for about 3 hours each session. The exception is weight control, which runs an additional two sessions for 2 hours, with teleconferencing sessions suggested thereafter for reinforcement.

Individual sessions are available on a limited basis. These are particularly good for the person who has had problems achieving their goals in the past, who has a complicated background, or who wants to work on problems not covered in the Star Groups, or who just needs privacy expressing themselves. Skype is also available for Individual sessions as appropriate.

Telephone and Skype sessions can be held at the client’s request for certain problems. Mutare Hypnosis will occasionally conduct follow-up sessions at large; some of these will be free, others, such as weight control, will incur a small monthly fee. These will be announced in the newsletter.

Please email or phone us to discuss your needs for individual sessions.

Occasionally, refresher sessions will be offered, primarily as reinforcement for self-hypnosis. These may be group or individual.