Successful people who have used hypnosis

The following content is freely available on the web. No effort has been made to verify these comments as facts. The intent is to give you a broad concept of the varied uses of hypnosis by people you might have heard of or can relate to. 

Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Prophet,”   entered a trance every afternoon and dictated his visions to his secretary during that time. many of his comments, especially regarding health, have subsequently been proven. He is considered by some to have been the modern day Nostradamus. 

Sir Winston Churchill used hypnosis to handle stress during his term as WWII Prime Minister. 

Sean Connery, actor

Kevin Costner, actor, secured a hypnotist to help him with his seasickness while filming “Waterworld.” 

Tony Curtis, actor

Robert De Niro, actor

Princess Diana used hypnosis to assist her with public speaking and confidence.

Aaron Eckhart, Hollywood actor, credits hypnosis to saving his career when he needed to give up smoking and alcohol. 

Thomas Edison regularly used self-hypnosis to create his inventions, including the light bulb. 

Albert Einstein used hypnosis daily to relax. He purportedly was in a hypnotic state when he conceived of his Theory of Relativity.

Henry Ford, car manufacturer, regularly used hypnosis.

Mel Gibson, actor, underwent hypnosis to help him manage his life circumstances.

Goethe, late 1700s/ writer and scientist

Aldous Huxley used trance-like states to explore the nature of consciousness.

Samuel L. Jackson, actor

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning about and practicing hypnosis.

Amadeus Mozart supposedly composed the opera Cosi fan Tutte while in a hypnotic state.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis used hypnotism to help overcome grief.

Sean Penn, actor

Rachmaninoff composer in late 1900s, struggled with a creative block for over three years until he used to hypnosis of Dr. Nicolai Dahl, a pioneer in the field of hypnosis. With Dr. Dahl’s help, Rachmaninoff was able to complete his First Piano Concerto. He subsequently dedicated his Second Piano Concerto to Dr. Dahl. 

Sylvester Stallone, actor, worked with the famous hypnotist Gil Boynes while filming “Rocky” in 1975. 

Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet, wrote complete poems while hypnotized. 

Nikola Tesla, inventor

John Travolta, actor

Bruce Willis, actor, used hypnosis to control stuttering.


Modern celebrities that have QUIT SMOKING through hypnosis include:
Ben Affleck, Britney Spears, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron

Personalities who has specifically used hypnosis for WEIGHT LOSS reportedly include:

  • Fergie, the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas
  • Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
  • Sophie Dahl, model
  • Geri Halliwell, singer
  • Chuck Clausen, former coach of the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Orlando Bloom, actor 


Andre Agassi, tennis great, worked with Tony Robbins, using NLP and hypnosis to improve his game. 

Jean Alesi, Racing Car Driver

Pat Cash, tennis pro

Jimmy Connors, famous tennis player, reportedly used hypnosis techniques to practice his strokes prior to the US Open 

Steve Hooker of Australia, winner of the 2008 Gold Medal in Pole Vaulting 

Phil Jackson, coach of the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers, brought hypnosis to his basketball teams. Players such as Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq O’Neal, reaped the benefits.

Kevin McBride, the Irish heavyweight boxing champion, summons his hypnotist before every match. 

Jack Nicklaus, championship golfer, praised hypnosis and visualization techniques as the sole reason for his improved

Mary Lou Retton, Olympic athlete, used hypnosis to subdue a badly sprained ankle and was able to win her events. 

Tiger Woods, champion golfer, has used hypnosis from the age of 16 to block out distractions on the links.


Successful women who used hypnosis for pregnancy: 

Jessica Alba, actress, used hypnosis with the birth of her second child. The program is called Hypno-birthing, and is performed by a specially trained hypnotist, in this case Marie Monghan, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, used Hypno-birthing for her first child, Prince Harry, according to The Mirror.  Hypnosis also helped with symptoms of morning sickness. 

Emily Deschanel, the actress who plays Dr. Temperance Brennan on  the TV drama “Bones,” used Hypno0birthing for her recent baby.