NGH: Educating the Hypnotist, Near and Far

Marlborough, MA.

The largest gathering of hypnotists in North America has just adjourned its annual convention with over 1000 attendees from 24 different countries.  The National Guild of Hypnotists ( is the largest certifying agency in the U.S. and Canada, with 14,000 members worldwide in more than a dozen countries.  The annual event runs 3 days with pre- and post-convention seminars totaling 6 days.  ­­­­­­­­­ Over 339 courses were held covering such varied topics as sleep problems, success for salespeople, pre-and post-surgical hypnotic interventions, and hypno-fertility.

NGH has high standards including a members’ Code of Ethics.  Members are required to amass CEUs annually as an assurance that they are continually current and involved in the profession.

The Thinner Band®  Hypnotic Gastric Band for Weight Reduction

Marlborough, MA.; 8-12-14

Both Bonnie and Rhonda became licensed providers of Thinner Band® Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery.  This powerful technique, developed by Dr. Anthony DiMarco of New Jersey, addresses the underlying behavioral and perceptual cause of fat gain, eliminates or controls them in the subconscious mind, and allows the person to make the needed changes with little effort.

The Thinner Band® technique is an 8-week individual program offered by Mutare Hypnosis. It is perfect for the person who has a substantial amount of extra weight, as well as for the person who has less weight to reduce but where that weight has been resistant.  It is invaluable to the person who has had actual surgery to make sure they stay on track.  Best of all, it is truly non-invasive and requires no special food or exercise.

Coming Soon:

Mutare Hypnosis will be rolling out its:

  • “Star” Group Smoking Cessation in November
  • “Star” Group Weight Control in January

Watch this newsletter for time and locations.  Be among the first to know!

November is the Great American Smoke-out Month. If you have failed to quit in the past, think now about attending one of our sessions. It’s the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

Swiss Study Indicates that Hypnosis May Improve Deep Sleep

WebMD, June 19, 2014

A Swiss laboratory study with a cohort of women ages 18-35 and rated as “highly suggestible,” objectively showed by brainwave activity that they spent 80% more time in deep sleep than women not receiving sleep suggestions.  Deep sleep is the most restorative period of sleep, and hormones responsible for it decline markedly in a person’s 50’s.  Until now the only reports of hypnosis benefits have been subjective.

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